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Protect your business with the latest technology the CCTV and monitoring industry has to offer

Mobile Monitoring

Home security is a very powerful deterrent to an intruder or burglar, but imagine having the ability to be able to check on your home, family or pets, 24 hours a day from almost anywhere in the world.  At CCTV East Midlands LTD we can offer you a “LIVE FEED” mobile view of your security cameras straight from your smartphone. “LIVE FEED” monitoring will work with your smartphone, iPad, or web-enabled computer so you can see the status of your issue.

It can also contact you via email, text or mobile phone to alert you about any incident at your home address. This can be seamlessly integrated with a simple wireless home security network.
For full information on mobile “LIVE FEED” monitoring call us on 0333 577 3305 (local rate from your mobile)

Residential CCTV

Our residential CCTV and surveillance equipment is manufactured by our UK based company Qvis. We only use the highest of quality equipment when installing for your property. CCTV is a powerful deterrent to theft and burglary, families are increasingly treating their CCTV as an essential part of protection for their home. We can also set up your CCTV on your smartphone so you can monitor it when ever you need to.

Commercial CCTV

We service all kinds of commercial industries with CCTV installation, planning and training. CCTV can be a cost effective alternative to patrol guards, as all perimeters can be covered very easily from one central location. We have worked on all kinds of contracts from schools, hospitals, motorways, hotels to large shopping complexes. We will come to your site and work with you to understand your needs and plan out your security requirements which best suits your business.

Arc Monitoring 

Arc Monitoring is a round the clock 24/7 human monitoring service where our team will be on alert when your premises sensors is triggered so the intruder can be assessed in real time and the police called immediately. This is a 24 hours a day piece of mind for you, your family or businesses premises. Read more about Arc Monitoring

Maintenance Schedules 

We offer a complete inspection package on existing CCTV systems so you can be assured that your security system will keep protecting you for years to come. We can also provide where needed, an upgraded service on old and existing systems. To book a free demonstration please call or contact us for further information.

Payment Options

To enable everyone receive the highest level of protection for your family or business, we can offer competitive payment plans to fit our customer’s budget. Security is not something that can be compromised so we have worked hard to bring you a plan that fits all. To enquire about our payment plans and leasing options please call 0333 577 3305 or Contact Us here to learn how you can benefit


To give all our customers peace of mind, when you choose to install your security system with us, you can enjoy a 3 year warranty on our products (where stated) and a 12 month warranty on our workmanship so in any eventuality you can be safe in the fact that, you will be able to get back to full security in no time.

OR CALL OUR TEAM ON 0333 577 3305 (local rate) Or Email us at info@CCTVEastMidlands.com